Announcing RFP: Oral Histories Production Project

The US COVID Atlas aims to bring a human perspective to a world saturated with COVID-19 data. The US COVID Atlas ( is a free, interactive data visualization tool, led by the Healthy Regions + Policies Lab and Center for Spatial Data Science at UChicago, that connects COVID-19 data with community health contexts to deliver insights about the pandemic across the country. Since launching in March 2020, the Atlas has grown to include dozens of customizable variables and visualization options, allowing users to quickly and easily visualize the pandemic over time and place. We are now inviting inclusive considerations of lived experiences through an oral histories curation effort, integrating human stories with our extensive quantitative database.  We are thrilled to share a new Request for Proposals (RFP) for creative producer collaborators on the US COVID Atlas Oral Histories Project.  Read more below.

Request for Proposals: US COVID Atlas – Oral Histories Project [PDF]


About the Oral Histories Project

The US COVID Atlas is embarking on a new oral histories curation effort to elevate the human perspective alongside the data of the pandemic. We will invite submissions of short video, audio, or other forms of media from across the US to link voices of people and places impacted by the pandemic. This may also include linking existing oral history projects as an integrated platform. 

We seek proposals from creative producers with experience in project management, oral history collection and/or documentary production as collaborators on this project. Video production expertise is required. Empathy for the diverse experiences of COVID-19 across the US is essential. Experience with ethnographic, journalistic, and/or documentary-style work is preferred. Experience working with non-English speaking populations and integrating multilingual translation is desired. This will include planning and co-development of oral history curation approaches, outreach support and creative thinking to generate submissions, and production of 100 featured, professionally edited short audio-visual elements to integrate as a new component on the Atlas. We seek partners interested in collaborating with our multi-stakeholder team, including our staff, advisory board, and users. 

Proposal submission deadline is November 12, 2021. More information, including key dates, scope of work, and budget is available in the PDF linked above.

Questions? Contact Susan Paykin (spaykin at uchicago dot edu)



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