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Tres Años Después: An Overview

Our community plática aimed to describe how the Pandemic has uniquely affected the Latinx community, and how we can turn data into action. This community event…

Research Themes


Defining how place impacts & interacts with health

We focus on complexity surrounding the measurement, mapping, and distillation of multiple health outcomes and associated social determinants of health at varying scales, to gain a greater understanding of disease prevalence.


Identifying disparities of access & health outcomes

In collaboration with clinical and public health teams, we explore the relationship of accessibility as a function of health outcomes, from food access disparities to availability of evidence-based medications for opioid use disorder.


Building engaged, participatory infrastructures

We collaborate with policymakers, community members, researchers, and software engineers to brainstorm ways of integrating complex information about the natural, social, health, & built environments — using human-centered design thinking.


Integrating spatial thinking in research design

Spatial effects can violate core components of the standard counterfactual framework used for evaluation, making treatment effects difficult to assess. We refine and improve methods to consider & account for spatial interactions.

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