How sure are we about the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines?

Once a vaccine is approved for distribution to the full population and no longer just to a test population, scientists expect the efficacy rates to change slightly. A new statistical tool can help assess the strength of results from clinical trials for vaccines and other studies. The tool has just been published in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, and was developed by researchers at the University of Chicago, Michigan State University, the University of Indiana, and Arizona State University.

The paper was co-led by Dr. Qinyun Lin, postdoctoral scholar at HeRoP Lab.

Read more about this work here:

Citation: “Hypothetical case replacement can be used to quantify the robustness of trial results.” by Kenneth A. Frank*, Qinyun Lin*, Spiro Maroulis*, Anna S. Mueller*, Ran Xu, Joshua M. Rosenberg, Christopher S. Hayter, Ramy A. Mahmoud, Marynia Kolak, Thomas Dietz, Lixin Zhang. ( Published in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology by Elsevier.

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